SCAA Portland

16 04 2012

Wow, we can hardly believe SCAA is almost here! Here are the details:

WHO/WHAT: Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition, La Marzocco exhibiting

WHEN: 4/20: 11-5:30pm

4/21: 11-5:30pm

4/22: 11-4pm

WHERE: Booth #3101: Oregon Convention Center: 777 NE ML King Blvd.  Portland, OR 97232

WHY: Because we all like the opportunity to talk, taste, brew and compete with coffee!

Other big deals:

  • We’re very excited to be sharing our booth with an awesome list of GUEST ROASTERS, who will be pulling shots of their coffee from our machines. They’ll be at our espresso bars with LM & Mazzer equipment, and at our brew bar, with equipment from Marco & Mazzer.
  • 2012 World Aeropress Championship (WAC) will be taking place at our brew bar from 11am-4pm Friday!
  • SARAH DOOLEY, our Customer Service & Sales gem will be competing in the United States Barista Competition, first going on Friday at 3:55pm! We can hardly wait to support her as she makes us and Olympia Coffee Roasters quite proud.
  • Co-sponsored PARTIES will take place Friday & Saturday night:

Announcing: Pre-Seasoned Burrs now on Roburs

27 02 2012

We just wanted to share the news that as of now—-EVERY Mazzer Robur grinder that we ship out will come with pre-seasoned burrs – so save your old beans, rice, whatever else you were using to season these guys; it’s now a thing of the past.

Coffee Common + TED

21 02 2012

The exclusive TED Conference is coming up next week, in both Long Beach & Palm Springs, California, Feb 27 – Mar 2, 2012.

Coffee Common, a group that brings together world-class baristas and roasters, will be providing all the coffee service, with La Marzocco representing as the exclusive equipment provider (through the espresso machines, grinders (Mazzer) and hot water devices (Marco)).

The beautiful coffees will be served by sharply dressed baristas, done up in vests, ties, dresses and sweaters – hotness.

Quoting Brent Fortune, from Coffee Common:

“Each coffee roaster submitted a sample of their coffee which was then cupped for clarity and taste. Those who met the taste criteria were researched for sustainability, price transparency, and directness.

The coffees are being roasted by their respective roasters in Canada, Australia and the USA, and will be traveling to Long Beach [and Palm Springs] this week to meet us there.”
The line up for selected coffees include:
Guatemala Zelaya
Producer: Ricardo and Luis Pedro Zelaya
Roaster: Phil & Sebastian – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ecuador El Batan Cooperative
Producer: Procafeq
Roaster: Equator Coffees – San Rafael, California, USA (about 20 mi N of San Francisco)

Rwanda Coko Cooperative
Producer: Coko Cooperative
Roaster: Heart Roasters – Portland, Oregon, USA

Burundi Kayanza Gatare
Producer: Gatare Coop
Roaster: Seven Seeds – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Peru La Frontera
Producer: Cenfrocafe’s & communities of the Valle del Santuario
Roaster: Counter Culture Coffee – Raleigh Durham, North Carolina, USA

Bolivia Anjilanaka
Producer: Agricafe
Roaster: Intelligentsia Coffee – Los Angeles, California, USA

Guatemala Finca El Injerto – El Injerto El Tanque Bourbon
Producer: Arturo Aguirre and son Arturo Jr.
Roaster: Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Portland, Oregon, USA
Note: This coffee, part of Stumptown’s Grand Cru collection, is no longer available from Stumptown webshop.  I’ve attached a PDF of a scan of the info sheet for this coffee.

Rwanda Bufcafe
Producer: Epiphanie Mukashyaka
Roaster: Detour Coffee Roasters – Dundas, Ontario, Canada (about 70 km SW of Toronto)
Rwanda Buf Cafe Web Link

Out of the Box MILAN

7 11 2011

A huge THANK YOU to all that were able to attend the Out of the Box this year in Milan, Italy. Below is a quote from Chris Salierno (La Marzocco Srl):

“OOTB, which lasted two and a half days in Via Volterra 12 was a complete success.  La Marzocco drew about 1500 guests representing many countries around the world.  A special thanks to our four sponsors, Marcello Zanesi from Nuova Ricambi (our partner for spare parts), Mazzer grinders, Sarah Allen from Barista Magazine and our friends at Allegra Strategies.
OOTB was also made possible with the support from ACIB; The Archivists; Dan Cunningham and the Business Ferret; Gloria and Bernard from La Caféothèque in Paris (great presentation!); Henk from ESW who (along with Luck i Cremas) put together our siphon bar; the Hampster Studios who designed many of the hand painted machines we had on display; James Hoffmann who provided help to our pressure profiling task force; Thomas Plattner who travelled so far to talk about our project at Songwa; photographer Sven Hoffmann; our MCs Tim Varney and Tim Wendelboe; and – last but not least – our keynote, Willem Boot.”
Here’s a link to the photos from the event, enjoy!


22 09 2009

We’ve been busy prepping for our booth at Coffee Fest this weekend. Come visit us at booths 324, 326, 225, and 227. We will be featuring La Marzocco, Mazzer, Jet Steam and Malykke products.

Also, guest baristas will be pulling shots for visitors with featured espressos from specialty roasters across the country.

We’ve Got Mazzer Stuff!!

3 08 2009

Mazzer annouce