2012 Challenge: 365 Days of Brewing, Tasting & Telling

2 01 2012
We are all from different areas of the world, drinking coffee during different seasons and with various flavors.  Our challenge to you (and ourselves!) is to taste and post for 365 days straight on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Marzocco-USA/228935280435 ).
Yes, we are day 2 into the New Year, but we drank coffee on day 1 (photo below)…and are pretty sure many of you did as well.
  • Every day post your findings on the La Marzocco Facebook page, whether brewed under pressure as espresso, in a pour over, etc.
  • Post a picture or some cup details – keep it simple so it’s repeatable.
  • The goal is to brew, taste, and tell, while  sharing on one page for all to enjoy.
Let’s toast to many cups shared with you this New Year!

Smell, Slurp, Spit

30 06 2011

Today at La Marzocco we did something that we’re going to start doing more often: CUPPINGS.

Joining us today were friends from Victrola, Kopplin’s and Milstead & Co.  In addition to cupping a variety of roasters’ spring release coffees, Andrew Milstead brought by samples of the four major acids found in brewed coffee – Acetic, Citric, Malic and Phosphoric acid – which we of course cupped.

Cupping is going to start becoming a regular thing around LM, so if you have coffee you think we should try, please send it our way! Or better yet, come over yourself and we can cup it together.