Crema Cycles

3 06 2010

This was sent in by our friends in Europe. If you have, or are willing to, spend over $3k on a bike, chances are you have heard of Independent Fabrications, the famed custom bike builder. Even if you already have a nice bike or have just recently bought one (like I have), IF bikes are still one of those bikes you will always uncontrollably drool over, in a Pavlovian sort of way.

Wet dreams at Crema Cycles

So it was with great out of saddle excitement to see Creme Cycles, the dealer for IF bikes in Germany, in a video featuring the La Marzocco GS/3 (at 1:45):

“We are very serious about our coffee… We work really hard to come up with a blend that has the right taste, the right balance, the right body. It’s the same thing with building a custom frame. You just gotta come up with the right combination that comes over into the art, the passion, and the culture of it.”

Crema Cycles' Espresso Bar

I think I want my Strada to come with Hi-Mod carbon or titanium panels.


On a separate note, sorry about lack of new posts lately. We’ve been very busy with planning of the La Marzocco Out of the Box NYC in the past month. New details will be posted soon, I promise.  For the fixeratis in NYC, be advised that there will be the first ever bike powered pressure profiling espresso machine! That being said, I’m sure Mr. Bike Snob NYC will soon be on my case about the superfluous cycle componentry other than what’s available on a Surly, just as how he was mindful of NYC coffee.