Coffee Common x NYC

24 01 2012

Coffee Common brings together world-class baristas and roasters with shared values, to create unique experiences that introduce people to the nuanced joys of exceptional coffee. We believe that great coffee is, at its best, a collaboration of an empowered coffee farmer, an artisan coffee roaster, a dedicated barista, and an enlightened consumer.” –

From January 19th through 22nd, Coffee Common held their first public event in North America at A Startup Store in Chelsea. A selection of the world’s best baristas gathered to make delicious coffee and help people understand how they can too. Demand for quality coffee is on the rise, but a market filled with strange devices and alien vernacular can sometimes be intimidating. Luckily Coffee Common assembled a crew of local and international baristas who ensured that each attendee walked away equipped with the fundamentals of delicious coffee. In addition to engaging demo stations, baristas were on hand to answer any questions, whilst serving some of the best coffees currently available from around the country.

We credit and thank Coffee Common for the first two photos, and Scott Beale/Laughing Squid ( the last three photos.

Each bar, or demo station, featured a different focus on ingredients, method, and taste. The guests enjoyed learning the differences between coffee varieties and brew methods, while discussing all the details of brewing a great cup of coffee.

@ the Ingredient& Bar folks tasted exactly how cream and sugar made bad coffee taste better by masking it, and delicious coffee taste worse by diluting it.

@ the Method& Bar step-by-step displays were shown on how to brew your own coffee. One could choose from one of four brew methods: Chemex, Aeropress, Hario V60 Pour Over or Hario Wood Neck Brewer, and from one of five delicious coffees (Counter Culture Coffee, Intelligentsia, Heart Coffee Roasters, Ritual Coffee, Gimme! Coffee).

@ the Taste& Bar each coffee was prepared the same way so people could immediately see the differences in flavors.

“Of course, making coffee for a lot of people required a lot of hot water, with the help of La Marzocco USA we had things covered. They provided us with Marco Ecoboiler water towers and the Uber-esque under counter boiler to keep our kettles full and the baristas brewing non-stop.” –


What does this group have in common?

13 01 2012

They NOW all know how to use a multimeter(!!!).

A great 3-day technical training was just completed here at La Marzocco. The friends joining us this month were Jeff from Defiant Bean Roasters, Paul from Bibo Coffee Co., Bob from Black Coffee Roasting Company, Todd from The French Press, and Jacob.

If you’re interested in joining us the course is held about every month and a half. They do fill up quickly, so contact either Mike Lanz ( or Michael Del Gatto ( if interested.


April 10-12

May 8-10

July 10-12

September 11-13

October TBD

December TBD

La Marzocco supports the Good Food Awards

5 01 2012

The Good Food Awards “celebrates the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.” This year’s Awards Ceremony will be held in the iconic Ferry Building in San Francisco.

The Awards’ categories are beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, pickles, preserves, spirits, and (our favorite), COFFEE. This is the 2nd year La Marzocco has been a proud sponsor for the event and we are very much looking forward to seeing which roasters are recognized to have the most exemplary flavor, in addition to emphasizing fairness and transparency from seed to cup.

TNTNW, Zoka Coffee

4 01 2012

Thusday, December 29th Zoka Coffee House

The warm brown of Zoka Coffee & Tea – Tangletown, along with the simple glow of 3 group Linea, set a brilliant stage for the hours to come.  Live DJ, super inviting barista’s, serious (sometimes silly) judges, a pretty gnarly supply of dairy and espresso moved the night along very quickly.

Photo credit given to Michael Fernandez at Espresso Parts
Thursday Night Throwdowns (TNT) are local latte art competitions that have found their way west, thanks to the community mindset of Espresso Parts, Terry Z.
This TNT had a wonderful cause: Zoka Coffee promised to match all donations and entry fees and the amount was given to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, a locally based organization in the heart of Seattle’s Pioneer Square.  Also competition cups were sold for $1, in efforts to boost customer and crowd involvement.
Photo credit given to Michael Fernandez at Espresso Parts
Left-Dan Baumfeld, & Neptune Cafe
Middle-Sarah Dooley, La Marzocco USA
Right-Alex Negranza, & Milstead & Co.
Although they were hosting, Zoka definitely did not go easy on anyone.  They quickly advanced in the latte art competition, and by the end took both first and second place, with Urban Coffee Lounge coming in as a close third.  Until next time!
Winning pours.


Top- 1st Place, Brandon Paul Weaver, Zoka

Middle- 2nd Place, Amanda Jean Atkins, Zoka

Bottom- 3rd Place, Brady McDonald, Urban Coffee Lounge

2012 Challenge: 365 Days of Brewing, Tasting & Telling

2 01 2012
We are all from different areas of the world, drinking coffee during different seasons and with various flavors.  Our challenge to you (and ourselves!) is to taste and post for 365 days straight on our Facebook page ( ).
Yes, we are day 2 into the New Year, but we drank coffee on day 1 (photo below)…and are pretty sure many of you did as well.
  • Every day post your findings on the La Marzocco Facebook page, whether brewed under pressure as espresso, in a pour over, etc.
  • Post a picture or some cup details – keep it simple so it’s repeatable.
  • The goal is to brew, taste, and tell, while  sharing on one page for all to enjoy.
Let’s toast to many cups shared with you this New Year!

Stainless Steel Portafilters

19 12 2011

Check out our new video on  STAINLESS STEEL PORTAFILTERS!

  • Lighter in weight
  • Better heat retention, once hot
  • New lip for tamping stability
  • Removable portafilter spouts for ease of cleaning

The Space Rogers GS/3

15 12 2011

Recently introduced at OUT OF THE BOX Milan, La Marzocco is proud to launch the SPACE ROGERS special edition GS/3.

Inspired by the 1970s TV series Buck Rogers, the SPACE ROGERS GS/3 is now available for sale, but only for a limited number of machines.

The SPACE ROGERS GS/3 comes fitted with an individually numbered, stainless steel plaque commemorating the limited series.   In addition, this model comes equipped with a set of 6 matching espresso cups and saucers.

Contact either Mike Lanz or Michael Del Gatto to order yours before they’re gone!

About the artist: Marco “Kino” D’Amico

A multifaceted, underground artist, Marco has created dozens of graffiti murals in streets around the world.   Considering art a free form of expression and communication, Marco believes it should be made available for all to enjoy… regardless of the medium.   Marco holds a Visual Communications degree fromMilan’s ITSOS, has been working in show businesses since 1987 and is currently the technical director and lighting designer for the Tarmeh and Alma Rosé theatrical companies.