DC Coffee

28 09 2010

What better to do in DC than do a coffee crawl with people who know the scene best? Alex and Brian of Counter Culture and John of Coffee Catcher. Began with coffee cupping and espresso tastings of Apollo and Toscano.

Chinatown Coffee Company (feat. coffees from Counter Culture and Intelligentsia)

Peregrine Espresso (feat. Counter Culture): Julie (right) is the BGA's Mid-Atlantic chapter rep and pulls a mean shot.

Dolcezza (feat. Wrecking Ball, Ritual, Intelligentsia, and Counter Culture): A gelateria featuring coffee or a cafe featuring gelato? Don't matter. They put extensive emphasis on both. My first encounter of Wrecking Ball's DMT espresso.

Nice to see a custom pourover bar fabricated by Kyle at Ritual in DC.

Filter Coffeehouse (feat. Caffe Pronto): Around the corner from Dolcezza in Dupont Circle is Filter. They have a really inconspicuous espresso machine.

Filter's tshirt! OMG OMG


Be In The Next La Marzocco Book!

23 09 2010


For the past few years, La Marzocco has been publishing a series of books, which began with a photographic journey from the bean to the cup and grew to include volumes covering topics from La Marzocco’s collection of machines since 1927 to interviews of the people behind our brand, from a photographic collection of cafés around the world to our coverage of the Out Of The Box event in Milan.
Now, we are reaching out to all La Marzocco users around the world, because we think you may be able to lend a hand with this year’s book, entitled… LA MARZOCCO PEOPLE

The final book in the collection, our objective is to create a very special volume that celebrates the baristas that use our equipment day in and day out, it’s our tribute to you!

Please take a couple of minutes to email:

a high resolution photo of yourself with your La Marzocco machine (*)

your name, your café, and mailing address

and short message about La Marzocco (max 160 characters)

The most interesting, creative and “off the wall” photos will be published and those baristas will receive a free copy of the book signed by our co-founder, Piero Bambi… so get creative! We appreciate your contribution!

Please email your photo, contact details and message to people@lamarzocco.com by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8th!

*submitting your photo via email will be considered a “limited copyright transfer” and “photo release and consent form”. La Marzocco will not publish any image of a minor unless his or her parent or legal guardian has submitted a permission form.


16 09 2010

Flipping through the new issue of Bicycling magazine, it’s a pleasant surprise to see a picture of bikes in the reflection of a shiny new LM Linea. Yes, it’s a bike shop + cafe hybrid. This time hailing from Lexington, MA.

Ride.Studio.Cafe is a bike centric shop with a warm, inviting cafe atmosphere. They sell Cervelo, Honey, Public, and Seven bikes. I think the best part of it all is that they offer an indoor bike parking area do you won’t have to worry about watching your bike.

Taken with my ghetto scanner i.e. iPhone:

Pink is The New Black

15 09 2010

… only if you’ve won the Giro d’Italia or you’re into Legally Blond. But damn these people at Cups, an organic cupcakery, lounge and teaching kitchen, in La Jolla, CA make it look sweet!

Summer BBQ’in

3 08 2010

Summer is about grilling grotesque amount of meats with disproportionally unhealthy amount of vegetables, mostly for color contrast. I think our friends at La Marzocco Italy has our company grill here easily beat, hands down.

La Marzocco Italy calls Scarperia (just 5 min away from downtown Florence) home, which is nice because not only do they have a huge patio for company BBQ, they also have a nice view of Ferrari’s test race track.

Yes, Tuscans do love meat.

NYC Coffee

6 07 2010

NYC is known for great food but their coffee was only as good as its urban fragrance exhibited in the subways during the peak summertime heat. That is, until in the recent years, when major roasters and key local coffee heroes paved the way for specialty coffee.

This is, of course, not news. But I am here to show you some delicious pictures of coffee and food from our adventures in NYC during LMOOB NYC last month:

Third Rail Coffee

Stumptown at the Ace Hotel

Stupdendous dinner at Emporio

Abraco - amazing for coffee AND their olive oil cake and cookies

Abraco's rocking the Linea at 198.7 F with Counter Culture spro

Ninth St Espresso - there's always a line

Can you believe the size of that meat rack?! Yatagan Kebabs on MacDougal.

This is what "donor kebab" is... kinda like a Turkish taco

Unfortunately it was only last weekend that the super upscale (read: expensive) cycling clothing brand Rapha opened their “pop up” store on Bowery. Filled with various cycling memorabilia and paraphernalia (wake up, Eddie Merckx fans!), the store is also interesting that they’re streaming Tour de France live (what better way to watch 60 pro riders fall all over spilled motor oil?) AND they have a built in coffee shop, courtesy of Third Rail Coffee and Stumptown. So next time you’re in Manhattan and want a pair of Team Issue Bib Shorts to go along with your cortado, swing by Rapha on 352 Bowery.

Rapha's "pop up" store (photo from Flickr user pedalstrike)

Of course there are a number of other notable coffee establishments in NYC but, due to limitations in time, I wasn’t able to swing by (Joe, Bluebird), forgot to take pictures (Blue Bottle, Gimme, Grumpy), or wasn’t open just yet (Caffetteria).

Lastly, what better way to end this mini slide show with the 3 amigos singing and playing guitars on #7 en route to Queens?

Oh Yeah!

10 05 2010

Via Serrano Social Club on Facebook.