Mid Atlantic/ North East Coffee Conference- MANE

13 10 2011

Minded with mastery and no stranger to events Troy, of Cosmic Cup Coffee and Gerra, of New Harvest Coffee can add another successful gathering to their list of accomplishments.

Barista folk from all over the world gathered at a specialized 2 1/2 day event titled MANE.

According to attendees, speakers and a brief, lovely post from dear coffee i love you we’d like to offer a little recap.
With interviews from a short, but sweet DM twitter feed from an easy man to adore, Gwilym Davies and one of our very own attendee/instructor/all around cool guy, Scott Guglielmino.

Let’s start with the keynote speaker and 2009 World Barista Champion (apparently looking very good for his age according to the wikipedia definition, perhaps some shenanigans around his birth year).  If you have met Gwilym you would agree he’s probably the most approachable person in the industry; kind, knowledgeable, and a professional learner. His keynote speech summed up felt a little something like this “we just don’t know much…and it’s time to drop the ego’s.”  With an invitation like that you can imagine how the dynamic of a room can change opening up the lines of communication.
Scott G. (LM Solutions & specialized customer service tech.) came away with a similar feeling on the event. Scott spent his time doing what he does very well, explaining the intricate but very basic controls for finding great coffee; dose, grind, temperature. His message is the same whether he is here, abroad or at MANE, “…the correction extraction should also taste good.”  (Thank you www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com for that perfect quote).  He is full of impactful one liners like that. Scott had another pretty inspiring moment that he put into these exact words,”The thirst for knowledge in the New England coffee community was refreshing.”

The event had great topics, full days of information sharing in an intimate layout which welcomed conversation and encouraged hands on learning.

Evenings were matched with a latte art competition, brew down event and what would be great fellowship leading into the wee hours of the morning.

Strada, lever machines and Marco boilers played supporting equipment roles in the production that attendees brag is the best coffee event to date!


La Marzocco Basket

15 09 2011


Every so often, there is a fundamental advancement in espresso technology – the first double boiler, the first electric motor or the first PID temperature controller, to name just a few. Each of these advancements has brought us great changes in the relationship between the barista and the machine, and, most importantly, the quality of the espresso. Along with game changing baristas, La Marzocco has been a driving force in this endeavor. That’s why back in 2010, La Marzocco contracted with Vince Fedele of VST, Inc. to focus on what had been a long time bottleneck in espresso quality – the espresso filter basket.

The collaboration and the resulting refinement of the manufacturing and quality control process produced what is now known as the Strada Basket, and uses the same technology and design standards as the VST Precision Filter Basket. It is the most precise and consistent manufactured basket on the market today.

Standard basket hole size distribution. Spans over 40 size intervals. Note the acircularity and jaggedness of the holes.

La Marzocco bakset hole size distribution. Spans only 5 size intervals. Note the uniformity of the holes.


Due to the standard manufacturing process of baskets, the hole sizes, shapes, and patterns in all baskets, regardless of manufacturer, have substantial variance on the same basket, and from one unit to the next. Specifically, this includes hole circularity, total open area, overall quality, hole diameter, and hole area min/max. Put any typical basket under a microscope and such a variance is easily noticeable. All else being equal, such variances result in significant systemic over and underextractions.


The R&D performed by VST in collaboration with La Marzocco resulted in a new manufacturing process that has drastically improved filter basket uniformity and quality. In addition to design, process, and materials improvements, each basket undergoes an additional patented optical scanning quality control process to ensure that each unit meets stringent dimensional criteria of quality and compliance. The scanning technology is used to measure 100% of production output, ensuring every filter meets all requirements.


  • Unparalleled hole precision at +/- 30 micron
  • Identical performance shot-to-shot, basket-to-basket
  • Eliminates over and underextraction due to basket irregularity
  • Each basket is designed to extract as a
    • Ristretto – at 13% TDS, 18-19% extraction yield
    • Normale – at 10% TDS, 19-20% extraction yield
    • Lungo – at 6.5% TDS, 20-21% extraction yield
  • Reduced coffee sediments
  • Product lifespan of >120,000 brew cycles
  • Minimal tapering
  • Marked with a unique 2D code, for manufacturing quality control and to ensure authenticity

For additional information on the La Marzocco filter baskets designed by VST, please refer to “Advances in the State of the Art – and Science – of Espresso” in the April/May 2011 issue of Barista Magazine.

Strada EP East Coast Tour with Counter Culture Coffee

12 07 2011

For additional info and signups:

Strada MP Video by Lem

17 03 2011

Lemuel Butler, Counter Culture Coffee’s Customer Relations Manager and 2010 SE Regional Barista Champion, showcases his DJ and video editing talents in a short video he made when he first received their Strada MP. Check it out:


The Craft

20 09 2010

The best coffee video of the year.

Mid-Atlantic Northeast Coffee Conference

15 09 2010

MANE is a 2 1/2 day coffee conference for baristas. Chock full of educational classes, hands on workshops on alternative brewing, espresso extraction on THREE La Marzocco Linea paddle machines, Keynote Sarah Allen, editor of Barista Magazine.
Presenters include Rob Stephen, Jay Caragay, Phil Proteau, Amanda Byron, Sarah Kluth and more!

Sponsored by:

  • Barista Magazine
  • Apollo Espresso by Counter Culture Coffee
  • InterAmerican
  • Toddy
  • La Marzocco
  • Barista Pro Shop
  • Pacific Natural Foods
  • Royal Coffee NY
  • Dallis Coffee
  • Flat Black Coffee Roasters
  • and Cafe Imports.

BGA’s Camp Pull-A-Shot

15 09 2010

Why attend? Because you’ll be using some shiny new Marzoccos there! Camp Pull-A-Shot is the first annual event of its kind that will focus on offering educational courses and content for baristas who want to take their skills to the next level. You will have the opportunity to complete multiple levels of BGA Certification in a very short period of time. Camp Pull-A-Shot will also offer a unique opportunity for all skill levels to have hands on training with some of the most innovative and dynamic baristas in the country. This event will encourage great community networking and fellowship. And at this fantastic price point, you have no excuse not to attend. Compared to private training programs or even SCAA workshops taken individually, you are saving a bundle. Advance your career and get the most cutting edge information and education from the highest level of professional baristas and trainers in the industry.

Who should attend?
-Baristas with all levels of experience looking for certification opportunities, education, and community building.
-Both small and large retailers looking to advance their training and in-store service programs.

BGA Camp Pull-A-Shot