Calling all service technicians!

31 08 2011
  • Do you work in the US as an espresso service technician?
  • Are you experienced and comfortable working on La Marzocco machines?

If you said YES to both questions, please either connect, or re-connect with us!

Email to get in touch with our Solutions (tech) department.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you talented ones soon!



18 07 2011

If you need an excuse to come to Italy this October, please join our sister company, La Marzocco Srl for OUT OF THE BOX: Milan.

“This event is about celebrating our originality and providing our distribution network, their end customers, coffee shop owners, baristas, trade professionals and industry friends with a snapshot of who we are, as well as the path our company is taking in terms of product innovation.”

The MCs for the event will be TIM WENDELBOE & TIM VARNEY (pretty excited about this) – Coming from Australia & Norway, Tim Varney (master roaster) and Tim Wendelboe (world barista champion) will rock the two day event, bringing plenty of awesome energy.

Themed Workshops will include:

  • Pressure Profiling
  • The Basket Case
  • Social Media Networking
  • Extracting Profits
  • Technical Updates
  • The Specialty Coffee Scene
  • LM’s Songwa Project
  • H20 & Espresso
  • LM Brewing School

Where & When

October 21-22, 2011

Artmouse ( )

Via Volterra, 12

20146 – Milano

Roasted & Toasted

21 04 2011

Of course we don’t mean to be a tease, but we are pretty excited for the Cuvee party coming up Saturday of  SCAA.  I mean, what more do you need – 20 taps, awesome event space (see link below) and most likely some pretty cool coffee geeks.

There will be 2 raffle items: a La Marzocco MP GS/3 and a Mahlkonig K30; proceeds benefiting Houston’s Ronald McDonald House.

The doors will close at 400 people, so “fashionably late” probably won’t work so well – see ya at 6:30.


28 02 2011

We’ve just designed these new MESSENGER BAGS – get them while they’re hot!

Sold through our La Marzocco Parts department for $75 (plus shipping/tax). Comes in both gray/darker gray and also gray/pink colors. Take your pick.  Limited quantity.

Gray/Dark Gray


For purchases call 206.706.9104 x103.

A Quick Word About Out of the Box Berkeley

22 01 2011

All of us at La Marzocco are so STOKED about how great Out of the Box Berkeley turned out! The attendance was 2-3 times beyond our biggest expectations. A huge thanks to EVERYBODY that came as a guest, guest roaster, volunteer, sponsor, or friend of LM! Pictures and videos forthcoming sometime this week. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, a quick PSA (public service announcement):

If you had filled out a form to subscribe to Barista Magazine at Out of the Box Berkeley, please contact Sarah at immediately!

OMG Our Website is Finally Updated!!

13 12 2010

Finally, we’ve gotten around to make our website a little less looking like something from the early ’90s to something a little bit more recent… like within this decade.

Alas! Feast your eyes on our newly updated website. Wonderfully free of Javascript, html 5, or Flash, it’ll make you yearn for the simpler Internet of yesteryear (just be glad we didn’t make the website on Geocities).

SEE….. Wonderfully made front page JPEG banners!

READ….. About the new Marco products we are carrying!

DOWNLOAD….. All of our manuals, parts diagrams, and troubleshooting guides!

KNOW….. Who to contact for whatever questions you may have!


Sometime next year, we’ll have a real website, with online parts ordering, forums, etc. We’re not slow… just waiting for the html 5 vs. Flash debacle to pan out.

Marco is Here!

18 10 2010

UPDATED 10/21: The Uber Grinder is 110V

La Marzocco USA is excited to introduce Marco and their advanced line of coffee equipment to the USA!

Uber Boiler – You probably have heard of it before. It is the result of an engineering collaboration between James Hoffman, Anette Moldvaer, Stephen Morrissey, and Marco – a precise water delivery system designed to deliver exact volumes of water at exact temperatures to meet the needs of uncompromising manual coffee brewing. When Hoffman’s Penny University opened, it was the only piece of brewing equipment used. Download brochure here.

Uber Grinder – The other product in Marco’s Uber Project and a result of collaboration between Marco and Mahlkonig. It has the body of a Mahlkonig Tanzania but with a proprietary, unique burr set that produces an amazingly narrow grind particle distribution curve. Download brochure here (UPDATED: the Uber Grinder is 110V).

Ecosmart 10L – An electronically controlled, insulated hot water tower with a digital temperature display and programmable features. Unlike typical hot water towers that immediately displaces every cup of hot water you use with incoming cold water and thereby lowering the temperature of the entire vessel, the Ecosmart prioritizes temperature stability by controlling when and how much cold water can enter. Also features an “Ecomode” for saving energy use during off peak hours. Download brochure here.

Ecoboiler 5L and 10L – Same as Ecosmart but no digital display. Insulated and made with 95% recyclable materials. “Ecomode” available on 10L model only. Same brochure as Ecosmart.

La Marzocco USA is Marco’s exclusive distributor in the USA and can sell to Canada as well. Visit La Marzocco USA’s booth (#625, 627, right next to Barista Magazine and Espresso Parts) at Coffee Fest Seattle!

Courtesy of Marco: