OMG Our Website is Finally Updated!!

13 12 2010

Finally, we’ve gotten around to make our website a little less looking like something from the early ’90s to something a little bit more recent… like within this decade.

Alas! Feast your eyes on our newly updated website. Wonderfully free of Javascript, html 5, or Flash, it’ll make you yearn for the simpler Internet of yesteryear (just be glad we didn’t make the website on Geocities).

SEE….. Wonderfully made front page JPEG banners!

READ….. About the new Marco products we are carrying!

DOWNLOAD….. All of our manuals, parts diagrams, and troubleshooting guides!

KNOW….. Who to contact for whatever questions you may have!


Sometime next year, we’ll have a real website, with online parts ordering, forums, etc. We’re not slow… just waiting for the html 5 vs. Flash debacle to pan out.




2 responses

15 12 2010

Congratulations guys! New page looks awesome!!

13 04 2012

Good timing… as I copy this post to your new site.

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