3 06 2010

You (industry professional) are invited to come to La Marzocco OUT OF THE BOX NYC Wednesday, June 9. OUT OF THE BOX will be an evening celebrating coffee and the fun toys we use to brew it. It’s open to all those in the specialty coffee industry, no tickets or registrations required. The Chelsea Market event space is limited in size so please arrive early to ensure entry!


Chelsea Market Event Space, across the hallway from Amy’s Bread.


Coffee + toys + drinks

Strada EP & MP: Stage 3 prototypes of the upcoming Strada for you to use, brew, steam, or simply gawk at. Two versions will be shown – Electronic Paddle and Mechanical Paddle.

Pressure Profiling Bike Race: Our tech guys Roger and John (doesn’t hurt that Roger used to be a bike mechanic ~10 years ago) modded an old bike to directly power the water pump – and voila! Pressure profiling via cadence! It serves to burn the calories from the drinks and to demonstrate the progressive pressure profiling capability of our new machines. The bike isn’t pretty bike but then again, I’m not volunteering any of my personal bikes for sure. Top competitors from each round will receive prizes. Two rounds – 7‐9pm and 9‐11pm.

Manual Brew Deathmatch: Featuring the Marco Uberboiler and Ecoboiler. The first ever type of event in the USA. Two competing baristas will brew coffee using either a Marco Uberboiler or Ecoboiler and a brew method of their choice – Hario V60, Bonmac, Clever, Chemex, press pot, Eva Solo, or Aeropress. Scoring will be based on % yield/strength via MojoToGo (45%), taste (45%), and method/fun (10%). Top competitors from each round will receive prizes. Two rounds – 7‐9pm and 9‐11pm.

Represent: Our sponsors/partners/helpers Mazzer, Espresso Parts, Marco, Liemco, Barista Magazine, TampTamp, MojoToGo, and Hotel California Tequila will have their own tables or presence to showcase their own offerings. FYI, TampTamp will be offering Bar Ready classes on Wed and Thu.


Wednesday, June 9, 4-11pm.

4pm: Door opens to all guests
4-6pm: Open house
6-7pm: Presentations on the new Strada, LM portafilter basket project, and words from our sponsors/partners/helpers
7-11pm: Party on
11pm: Event ends





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4 06 2010
LM Out of the Box Coming to NYC « La Marzocco USA

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4 06 2010
Jay C.

Okay, more details about the DEATH MATCH…. please.

7 06 2010
Neil O

Two will enter. One will leave.

7 06 2010
Jay C.

Uh, more details please…

Like will you have pouring kettles? Will there be a competition coffee? And can we cup that coffee beforehand?


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