Serrano Social Club GS/2

21 04 2010

Tony's christening the new Serrano Social Club GS/2 (with a mini bottle of Maker's Mark)

SCAA last week marked the first time Tony’s new restored and souped up GS/2 was shown to the world (and to Tony). A creation of Espresso Parts’ customization arm, the GS/2 sports a gold-bronze color finish and a fully functional, old school variable pressure brewing mechanism. Best of all, it features a fancy tiara, right up Tony’s alley.

The "Serrano Social Club" tiara on the GS/2

This machine will be featured in Tony’s new cafe in Modesto, CA, opening sometime later this year (?).

Click here to see the full Flickr set by Espresso Parts.




One response

22 04 2010
Tony Serrano

That custom Serrano Social Club plaque… the tiara Jack speaks of definitely made me feel like a prom queen at SCAA.
This GS2 will be used daily and represents the heart of La Marzocco… espresso machines created with the preparation of coffee in mind. I’m proud and honored to be able to introduce La Marzocco to Modesto, the community where my business resides, and the greater coffee community too.

Thanks to John Blackwell and the talented crew employed by Terry Z at Espresso Parts, the California Central Valley has something unique in their near future.

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