Dedicated French Press Grinder Hits The Streets

8 02 2010

Malykke grinder first made its debut over two years ago but adoption in the U.S. has been somewhat slow. Part of it is the proliferation of pourover as the main brewed coffee method of choice but perhaps the main reason is the lack of understanding of how it works.

The main thing to understand is that it is a french press pot grinder, nothing more, nothing less. It is not designed for portion grinding for pourover, Chemex, or auto drip (though there is a “bag mode” for bulk grinding). It is designed for good looks (think Danish) and ease of use. As such, its canister hopper is meant to hold one type of coffee only.

Well, this is sorta strange, especially given how the typical coffee grinders work? What Malykke is trying to do is to present a whole new paradigm in french press preparation, a more elegant one at that.

Ninety Plus Coffee understands exactly that.  Knowing that french press has its place in particular hospitality applications, they have been working with uber quality focused clients such as Intercontinental Hotel on dedicated french press program:

Here’s a video Ninety Plus has made on how the Malykke grinder works:




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8 02 2010
The Onocoffee


You know I love the design of the Malykke, and you know how much I love La Marzocco…

But how about designing the Malykke so that it grinds by weight instead of time? I understand that the Malykke uses a scale (of sorts) to determine which french press is hung onto it (by its weight), but isn’t there a way to have that scale reset and grinder stop once the weight increases by a set amount per setting?

The Malykke is a great looking grinder. It seems to create lovely ground coffee. The auto-sensing feature is fantastic. If you could just find a way to incorporate that one little detail, it would be a home run and a no-brainer!

9 02 2010

Great idea, Jay, and that’s exactly what the Malykke does.

The Malykke uses the load cell (the hanger) to first determine the weight of the french press pot (which infers its size), and then uses that information to refer to user programmed dosage to know how much to grind. The grinder then turns on and continues grinding until the load cell senses the appropriate amount of total weight (which is the sum of programmed dosage plus the weight of the pot).

How’s the snow over there?

11 02 2010
The Onocoffee

The weather is great. There’s nearly four feet of snow but I’m out having a cigar and a glass of Johnnie Walker Red!

So things have changed since Atlanta SCAA? Back then, Malykke was telling me that the grinder would sense the size of french press based on its weight but amount of grind was based on time paired to that press?

Hmmm, maybe it’s time to take up my leasing guys offer on a new equipment lease!

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