Espresso Parts Restoration Services

20 01 2010

…restores a classic La Marzocco Mondial 2 group to its old shiny self for 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters. This baby has been retrofitted with a PID temperature controller. Technical wizardry by David Ringwood. Additional pictures on Flickr.




3 responses

20 02 2010

How much would a new LM Mondial retail if La Marzocco would make them again?
Also, do you know how much the Mondial costed more than a rival Faema machine?

20 02 2010

1. Nope. 2. Dunno.

Mondial is a piece of LM history that can now only be found in the hands of a handful of enthusiasts, hidden and forgotten cafes, and antique espresso machines graves around the world.

7 07 2012

looking for a Marzocco Mondial either 1 or 2 group lever
already in a working restored condition would be great, and prepared
to pay premium

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