GQ Ranks Top Cafes

20 10 2009
GQ magazine showcases the top 10 places to get your daily fix in the U.S.

GQ magazine showcases the top 10 places to get your daily fix in the U.S.

In “The Most Important Drink of Your Day“, GQ magazine hits home with the point that, “why pay $4.79 for a watery latte that was lovelessly made on a push-button machine that could be safely operated by a 4 year old?” (They’re referring to a superautomatic espresso machine, by the way)

In the “Golden Age of Coffee” (as they call it) that we now live in, “there’s now a wealth of coffee in America so rich and flavorful it’ll remind you why you originally fell in love with the stuff.”

Other than killer coffee and quality, what else do these featured coffee roasters have in common? They’re all customers of La Marzocco, of course.

Blue Bottle
Caffe Vita
Ninth Street Espresso




3 responses

21 10 2009

Other than the Marzocco connection, it is interesting that they chose all roasters to showcase. My actual favorite cafe’s are not the roaster’s… They are those owned by individuals that work hard to brew the best coffee they can. But I guess specialty coffee should take what it can get right now 🙂

22 10 2009
Terry Z

And they even mention that restored 4 group GS at Intelly Venice, built by that company that never gets mentioned 😉

Some of the best art was created by “Unknown”

22 10 2009

Some operations are better left as covert e.g. Skunkworks 😉

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