Can Somebody Put an Espresso Machine on a Bike?

1 10 2009





4 responses

21 03 2010
the espressoman copenhagen

I have a coffeebike. I drive around the city of copenhagen making coffee. beside that i have alot of events. ole

23 03 2010
Mark Ceesay

Inspired by Ole the espressoman, I have also made a good business biking around Copenhagen with a coffeebike. People rent us for events and branding as we are on the streets practically everyday, serving our coffee with a big smile… So it is indeed duable! I uploaded a bunch of videos of the coffeebike when we are out on the streets of the city and u are welcome to take a look in my blog – 🙂


10 01 2011
Will Shakesheff

Check out Bikecaffe they are now in the US and Europe. They where the first to do this.

1 03 2012

Will, you are a not sticking to the truth: the first to do this was Marcel Luthe in 2005.

That´s where Ole and you got the idea.

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