Name That Machine!

24 08 2009
Flooded espresso machines during the 1966 Flood of River Arno

Flooded espresso machines during the 1966 Flood of River Arno

Here’s one from the archives… In the aftermath of the great 1966 Flood of the River Arno in Florence, Italy, many shops’ espresso machines were destroyed or otherwise rendered useless. La Marzocco s.r.l. accepted these machines and replaced them with new La Marzoccos so that the people of Florence can at least enjoy espresso as they work through the difficult clean up.

Bonus points if you can Name That Machine!




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11 09 2009

La San Marco
Victoria Arduino
They are others……

13 01 2011

Left row from front to back: Victoria Arduino Supervat, 3x Carimali 512, Carimali, Victoria Arduino Minivat

Middle row: Cimbali Granluce and Faema Urania, 2x Carimali 512 on the buttom and on top 2x Faema Urania, Faema Marte, LSM Lollobrigida, Victoria Arduino Supervat, Carimali 512, La Cimabli Ala, Gaggia Internazionale with 6 groups

All right – the rest is for someone else. If anyone has machines like this for sale, please drop me a note. THANKS

13 02 2011

I have a cimbali GRANLUCE wich is working , however i live y mexico city so, i don´t kown uf you could be interesting. hope to receive a response from you .

8 03 2016

Hola patricia todavía tienes la cafetera? Soy de Puebla mex mi cel es 22 23 21 68 72

15 01 2011

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